It doesn’t seem possible that an entire year has almost passed since I last posted, but a friend found my blog today and urged me to post more and I realized that I actually had some ATCs to share.  Some are from last year and some are just being created in my very cluttered, never-will-get-organized art space but I am making ATCs again and having a blast.  This is my 2010 version of the “Vintage Santa” swap for a Yahoo group.  I held my breath that my friend Jan would use the same image (we are apparently psychically bonded when it comes to images) but I have just seen her lovely Santa on line and we missed this time. Whew!  The hardest part of this ATC turned out to be the bitty strips of raffia that I had to cut apart and rebind to make the broom.  It was everywhere!  And why does Father Christmas have a broom anyway?