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I am definitely in the Christmas mode–at least for ATCs.  Here is the first of many Christmas-themed ATCs that are due for swaps in the next few weeks.  This one is for our local swap group’s mail swap with a theme of, yes, you guessed it, Christmas!  I have loved this image for a while but was never quite sure what to do with it, and it finally occurred to me that the image was so complete and busy that it was better to keep everything else simple.  Of course, I had to add glitter–can’t forget the glitz and bling, you know.


…like Christmas!  Well, actually, it is November 21st and I was outside today with no jacket and sandals, so go figure.  I have been working for a week on my November ATCs for the year-long swap and had this whole autumn paper-piecing thing going but I just couldn’t make it work,  so I changed everything and went straight to Christmas, do not stop-go at turkey day.  I guess I was just ready to dive into Christmas–good thing, I have signed up or committed to SIX swaps due in December. I may need to be committed!